Stuff I’ve Done



Hammer & Tongue Hackney December 2017

Farrago Seasonal Slam 2017

Great Northern Slam 2016

Jibba Jabba Slam 2016

Ó Bhéal Five Word Poetry competition September 2016

UK Anti-Slam Apocalypse 2014         

Utter Space Poetry Slam 2014

Hammer & Tongue UK Team Slam Final 2014 alongside Paula Varjack and Angry Sam

Lucky Duck Comedy Award April and December 2014

London Anti-Slam 2013         

TFL/Saatchi Travel Better London Slam 2013

Winner of ‘Best Debut Performance’ at the Farrago Zoo Awards 2012

Nominated for ‘Best Slam Performance of 2010’ at the Farrago Zoo Awards

Number One Female in the Hammer & Tongue UK Poetry Slam Final 2012

Hammer & Tongue London Slam Final 2012

Hammer & Tongue UK Team Slam Final 2012 alongside David Lee Morgan, Adam Kammerling, and Angry Sam

King Kong Prop Slam, Berlin

UK Allstars Slam Qualifier, Cheltenham Literature Festival



‘Inspired, profane, and impressively thorough’.

(Shortlist Magazine)

‘Excruciatingly insightful works’.

(What’s On London)

‘A deceptively underwhelming stage presence; her visceral, earthy, and fluent performance was one of the highlights of my evening’.

(For Farrago Zoo Awards)

Zoo Review

‘Superb. ‘’Roleplay’’ on a woman seeking to fill awkward silence with sex, was funny and lovely, ‘‘come wander in my jungle of distractions’’ indeed.

Her other poems from an ‘’accidental series about this fucking guy’’ were equally funny and heartfelt. Her joyous turns of phrase equally good for comedy and pathos.’ (For Farrago National Poetry Day Slam)

National Poetry Day Review

Amy McAllister’s “She’s Over” was certainly a different take on moralising; a rallying cry to replace pornography’s seedy underbelly with another kind of passion: that of the “intense determination” of the August riot looters, whose “spunk is on our side” rather than against.

UK Slam Individuals Review

UK Slam Teams Review

‘A flourishing wordsmith! Would love to set this to music.’
‘Poetry is so well observed and witty – if only we could have a verse for every situation.’
‘Very amusing and fantastic flow’
‘Absolutely superb!’
‘Really cool and excellent delivery’
‘Spot on funny words’
‘Very well delivered with cheeky confidence’
(For Open Arts Cafe)




Hit the Ode by Apples and Snakes (FEATURE)

Out to Lunch Festival (FEATURE)

Stand Up and Slam (FEATURE)


Poetry Goes Pop! (FEATURE)

Stand Up and  Slam Edinburgh (FEATURE)

Hammer and Tongue Waterloo (FEATURE)

Chocolate Poetry Club (FEATURE)

South Bank Poetry (FEATURE)

Hammer and Tongue Hackney (FEATURE)

Stand Up and Slam Camden (FEATURE)

Stand Up and Slam Brighton (FEATURE)

Dodo Modern Poets (FEATURE)


Lingo Festival, Dublin (FEATURE)

Sweet Thursday (FEATURE)

Udderbelly Festival, Southbank (FEATURE)

Platform 1, Poetry Cafe (FEATURE)

Until The Lights Go Out (FEATURE)

Battle of the Axe, Dublin

The Monday Echo, Dublin (FEATURE)

North London Literature Festival (FEATURE)

Poet-In-Residence at Bang Said the Gun (FEATURE)

Fizzing February@Dodo Modern Poets (FEATURE)

London Antislam (FEATURE AND JUDGE)


Tongue Fu versus Antislam (FEATURE)

Sage and Time (FEATURE)

Stand Up and Slam (FEATURE)

Poet-in-Residence and Pop-up-Poet for Transport for London and M&C Saatchi


The Bus Driver’s Prayer (FEATURE)

Re:Versed Radio Show on NTS Live (FEATURE)

Bang Said the Gun Residency (REGULAR FEATURE)

Meadowlands Festival (FEATURE)

Raw at 93 Feet East (FEATURE)

Hammer & Tongue Bristol (FEATURE)

Bard and Roses at Vagabond (FEATURE)

Word Up Walthamstow (FEATURE)

April Sayers, Dodo Modern Poets (FEATURE)

LATES at Flatplanet (FEATURE)

Farrago Love Slam (FEATURE)

Farrago Zoo Awards (FEATURE)

‘Ice Age’ at Open Arts Cafe (FEATURE)

Spoonful of Poison (FEATURE)


Jawdance Christmas (FEATURE)

Poets and Pioneers, D’Gaf (FEATURE)

Bard and Roses Finale (FEATURE)

Farrago National Poetry Day Slam (FEATURE)

Joe’s Bar Birthday Bash, Berlin (FEATURE)

Sing September, Dodo Modern Poets (FEATURE)

Cera Impala Record Launch,Berlin (FEATURE)

Beat Street, Berlin (FEATURE)



A Partridge in a Poetree (FEATURE)

South Bank Poetry Launch, Poetry Cafe Covent Garden (FEATURE)

Bang Said the Gun (FEATURE)

Ladyfest Ten (FEATURE)

Open Arts Cafe (FEATURE)


Words On The Water

Bus Driver’s Prayer

Howl and Scowl

Kid, I wrote Back

Wordamouth, Alaska Studios

Wicked Words, Leeds

Love Poetree

Farrago January Slam


Tall Lighthouse, Poetry Cafe Covent Garden

UK Allstars Slam Final, Cheltenham Literature Festival

Cafe Abri, Birmingham

Poetry Bites at the Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham

Sunday Xpress, Birmingham

Torriano Meeting House

Chill Pill

Farrago September Slam


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